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The couple that spins together stays together! RIGHT?! (This is what I told myself as I dragged my warm & cozy booty out of bed to go to a 7am spin class with the fiancé.) Here’s the dealio: I’m having a really hard time convincing myself that cake and burritos aren’t part of a pre-wedding diet, so I’m trying to just burn it off since I can’t help shoveling it in.

Plus, before Tony made a living making people laugh (and after he was a janitor), he was a personal trainer. And I’m competitive(ish). If he’s going to wake up and make it happen, I kind of have to too, RIGHT?! Because aren’t happy marriages all about spending every minute together and having the same hobbies and being essentially the same person and all that good stuff? (Or is that what Oprah said not to do?)

Side note: Grossest update ever? I think so. Sorry, guys.