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Tony and I had one of the greatest nights of our life together, getting to perform in the Jokes for Jesse benefit show for Cuz of Jesse at the University of Redlands. Organized by A.B. Farrelly, it was a night of comedy to honor her dear late brother, Jesse Farrelly, and to raise money for their family run charity — check Cuz of Jesse out, it is wonderful and worthy, and honors a beautiful life gone too soon.

A.B. caught TONANNIE, the show Tony and I co-wrote and co-star in at the Groundlings theater, here in L.A., and graciously invited us to perform a few sketches in between stand-up sets. Here’s a taste of some of the high-brow stuff we graced the stage with:

Other performers included Bill Burr, Carlos Mencia, Bobby Lee, Tig Notaro, Jackie Flynn, and Vanessa Jackson, so to say it was an honor to perform is an understatement. But the real honor was that A.B. wanted us to be a part of this tribute to her brother. As Tony and I inch toward marriage and talk about kids, the concept of family becomes even deeper and more precious, and it speaks to A.B.’s character and love for Jesse, that she put together such a beautiful tribute to her brother that raised so much money for such an amazing cause.

Me, Courtney Pauroso, Matt Cook, Tony, Tom Fonss, and the lady of the hour, A.B. Farrelly! THANK YOU, A.B.!!!!

Tony and I are lucky that writing and performing together is part of our job and making each other laugh is not only a marriage requirement, but also a career requirement. And performing in such a love-filled auditorium, celebrating Jesse’s life, was a reminder of just how lucky we are. Thank you, A.B., for letting us be a part of your incredible show!