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Tony and I are super excited to announce we’ll be working with Postable for our wedding! (Well, if you read my previous post about Postable, you know I was already working with them. Now, they’re just working with me, too!) I’m going to be writing about them from time whenever all-things-invitation come up, since they are the site I’m using to stay organized with addresses and wedding stationary (and also to hang on to the last shreds of my sanity. Invitations are stressful.)

The thought of creating an excel spreadsheet gives me hot flashes, cold sweats and nightmares about my days as a Hollywood assistant, when I could never figure the damn thing out (I ended up taking my old sorority’s templates for Contact Info and Who’s Dating Who, deleting all of it, and re-entering whatever info my boss needed. I was a bad assistant.)

So, you can imagine the relief I felt when I discovered I wouldn’t have to drudge up my old Who’s Dating Who template to use for my wedding guest addresses. Instead, I’m using Postable. Here’s why:

It’s free.

All you do is create an account (which is 100% private), and Postable creates a custom link for you to email to anyone you’re inviting to the wedding. They click on that link and fill out their information and voila, you have an alphabetized address book!

You can download all of your addresses in an Excel spreadsheet they create for you. Or, they can organize them into labels so all you have to do is hit print or email to your calligrapher.

They will even mail your Thank You cards for you; they have a super cute selection of cards, you type personalized messages (or a mass one, if you have no manners), and they print, hand stamp, and mail them for you.

Of the guests who actually opened the email with our customized Postable link, I kept hearing back from people, “I wish I’d known about this site.” This was generally from newlyweds or friends who love sending holiday cards; I hate to generalize, but nearly all our bachelor buddies just replied to the email with their address. Instead of clicking on the link to write the exact same thing. Note: You don’t have to create an account to share your address. You just enter it. It requires same amount of energy as replying to the email. I wish there was a way to get that across to people… But, that’s not so much Postable’s fault as it is the psychology behind someone reading the email and thinking “Don’t make me do work for your frickin’ wedding! I already have to chip in for a frickin’ Vitamix! I will not click that frickin’ link! Enter my frickin’ address yourself! FRICK!”

I also wish there was a way to stay on top of RSVP’s. Like the Stages of Grief, there are many stages of RSVP, and it would be nice if the site could help you cope with all of them — who are you still waiting on to send you their address, even though you’ve emailed them 3 times? Who entered their address late, after you already sent the invites? Who has RSVP’d yes, who has RSVP’d no, and who has RSVP’d that they will RSVP the morning of the event when they’ll “have a better idea of [their] schedule?” It would be cool to have a way to keep your master guest list on the site, so you can cross-reference the above-stated madness.

We’re in the process of mailing out our first round of nuptials-related paper (the engagement party!!!), so I’ll keep you posted on how it all shakes out (Postable pun intended!)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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