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THE SINGLE LIFE Season 2 is UP!!!! This is straight-up the best webseries on the internet and needs to be a TV series, and I’m not just saying that because my hilarious, adorable fiancé is in it. (I’m also saying it because it’s produced by Glamour Magazine, and is so funny and so well-written and acted, and also stars a surfer, a pop star and the most beautiful blonde. And I got to make a teeny tiny cameo.)

But seriously. This show is great not only because of everyone involved (I’m not kidding about that — the 2nd season was directed by the powerhouse behind the greatest Funny or Die video of all time), but also because of how relatable it is. Dating sucks, and social media makes it even crazier. You can go online-shopping for a boyfriend, and all relationships are forced down to junior high levels when you have to decide when, and what, to label them on Facebook. When it works out, it feels like the happiness is literally changing the chemistry of your body. I remember how lightheaded I used to get whenever Tony would pick me up for a date, I was so excited to see him.

I recently wrote an article for Hello Giggles about all the guys you should date before you get married, because I think that for every relationship that goes horribly wrong, you learn something about yourself and what you need out of a relationship (and what crazy behavior to stop if you want another relationship), and all of that leads to the person you’re meant to be with. I have a few friends (including one of my bridesmaids!) who the fairy tale came true for, and they married their high school sweetheart. And from what I can tell, it is like a real life Disney story.

But, I’m glad I went through the horrors of dating. I figured a lot out the hard way, and it made for some fun stories. In college, I once “bought” a date with the guy I had a crush on at his soccer team’s auction and learned paying for a date does not make it a real date, nor does it make a guy any more likely to actually want to date you. (Ladies, I can’t hit this point home hard enough. Don’t pay for dates!) And I figured out that the guy with a tramp stamp of his fraternity’s letters probably isn’t interested in being a boyfriend. And, if you let your Texas grandmother set you up on a date, the guy will proudly present you with a home-cooked dinner of meats, announcing that he “shot everything on the table!” (This last one actually sounds like Tony’s dream date.)

All those guys led me to Tony and, if we’d met each other any sooner, who knows if we would have been ready to be with the person we wanted to marry. And Tony’s especially lucky, because he gets the best of both worlds… He’s engaged, but gets paid to “cheat” on me, falling in love with beautiful blondes on THE SINGLE LIFE and HART OF DIXIE, and then coming home to me and our three blonde dogs.

If you haven’t seen this show yet, get on it! You can scroll down to catch Season 1. Each and every episode is amazing, and I’m so proud of Tony.

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