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{Love this sign on the wall!}

My sweet fiancé surprised me with an afternoon of pampering at Face Haus today! It’s been a stressful week of wedding planning and playing catch up at work after an extended Labor Day (of wedding planning), and it was the perfect treat to unwind, relax for 30 minutes and have an impromptu day-date. He’s got a sixth sense about when I’m feeling overwhelmed (or perhaps my monster behavior gave me away), and he always finds a way to make me laugh and remember everything will be okay.

It was also a much-needed reminder about what all this wedding madness is actually about: Marrying him, the love of my life, who makes me laugh harder than anybody, puts me before everybody and is constantly finding new ways to show me he loves me. So as long as a wedding happens (wherever or whenever that is), with Tony waiting for me at the end of the aisle, it’s all good.