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{My parents’ house on Christmas Eve last year}

I am in awe of those people who always seem to have all of their presents purchased by Black Friday, and neatly wrapped under the (perfectly decorated tree) by December 1. I am not of that breed of human. If (like me) you’re still scrambling to get your holiday shopping done, here are a few of my favorite gifts:

Magic Carpet Yoga Mats. ($89) My friend from high school, Sophie, sustainably prints her designs on these mats and they are insanely gorgeous. (*This is not a plug to help out my friend. In Style and Oprah have featured them, too, so she’s doing fine. I’m just obsessed with them.)

Pour les Femmes jammies. (On Sale $75; reg. $169) In our home, it’s a tradition to open one gift on Christmas Eve… And my mom always makes sure they are pajamas. So, I’m really excited about this new line of chic pajamas – Robin Wright (you know her from House of Cards and, of course, as Jenny) is behind the line, and 100% of the proceeds benefit organizations which promote women’s safety in the Congo, like the Action Kivu. Get yours before December 17th; they’re on sale until then for $75 (normally $169).

Drybar Gold Mine Shimmering Leave-In Conditioner. ($29) This is one of my favorite styling products. It makes my hair feel soft and healthy, and glitter is delicate enough to give you a pretty shine (and not so sparkly that you look like you’re going to a junior high dance).

Workout gear you can go to brunch in. I love everything on Carbon38. Especially these sleek Koral leggings. Their last minute gift guide can be found here.

A baby elephant. ($50) For just $50/year, you can foster a baby elephant through The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Bonus: You don’t have to find room in your apartment for it to romp around, or find a sitter when you go home for the holidays. You get monthly emails with photos and updates, and the warm, fuzzy joy of knowing you helped save a life.

Tory Burch for Fitbit Bracelet. ($195) Tony recently gave me one of these, and I love it. It doubles as jewelry, so I’m able to wear my Fitbit to meetings or out to dinner (I could do this before, obviously, but I didn’t feel like the plastic wristband smeared in sunscreen really enhanced my look.)

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour. ($28) These are the best, easiest eye shadows. My favorites are Amethyst, Sand Glow and Moonlight.

Baby Jak blanket. ($28-$170) These are the softest, coziest blankets; they’re my go-to gift when wedding or baby registries are already cleaned out. Bonus: they always have beautiful blankets on sale.

Polaroid Socialmatic camera. ($299) Remember pictures? Actual pictures you could hold on your hand and put on your wall, not just scroll through on your phone? This is the best of both worlds. Old-school Polaroid brought their throwback hit back, this time equipped with Wi Fi, so you can upload to Instagram and print your pic. Perfect for your selfie-loving loved one.

Brooklyn Slate table setting placards. ($24) Perfect as a hostess gift, or for your party-loving mother-in-law. Names are written in chalk, so they are re-usable and Pinterest-worthy.

Violet Grey’s Desk to Dinner make-up set. ($136) This kit from L.A.’s chic beauty curator has everything you need to get ready to go out in a hurry, and comes in a cute bag small enough to tuck into your purse for touch-ups.

Happy shopping and, more importantly, happy holidays!

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