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Exactly one year ago, Tony proposed. And exactly one day ago, I made him reenact the proposal… We’re up in Lake Tahoe right now with my family, and went back to “our spot” where it all began to celebrate the occasion. (Tony is skiing with Snowman today, which is why we went yesterday.) I reenacted my choice not to shower or change my clothes for the past few days (less romantic). We made a compromise: He could scale this giant rock if he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him all over again (what he doesn’t know is I intend to make him do this every year on December 29th from here on out. There is nothing more romantic than a boy down on one knee, explaining all the reasons he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.) And then, to feel like a man again, he went climbing:

For me, today feels more like New Year’s than January 1 – it’s the day my life changed for the better, and so I’m using today to reflect on the past year. So much has happened, and I have so much to be grateful for. The man of my dreams (big arms, bigger heart, hilarious) asked me to marry him. And he still wanted to marry me, even when I adopted a puppy while he was away in Vegas at a bachelor party. We started planning our wedding for August 1, 2015 here in Lake Tahoe, something I’ve fantasized about since I was a little girl. I started writing for Hello Giggles and created this blog (here is my favorite entry yet). I lost my beloved grandpa. All of Tony’s career dreams came true – he’ll be starring on SCHOOL OF ROCK this year.

{Me, one year ago, on the happiest day of my life}

Some days I wish Tony and I had eloped, just gotten married in our sweats the day he proposed and been done with the whole thing; but, most days, I’m so happy we decided to wait until 2015. I’ve loved trying on dresses and planning with my mom, and it’s brought me closer to my bridesmaids, too. Our engagement party felt like a wedding, and I learned a lot about what I want (and don’t want) for the actual Big Day. And, I got one more Christmas to be a Baria, something I didn’t realize would be so emotional for me.

{Christmas 2014}

Hearing Tony yesterday tell me all over again why he loves me and wants to build a family with me put everything in perspective. As excited as I am for all the details of the party aspect of our wedding, the wedding is going to be special because we’ll stand in front of the people we love most in this world (as well as everyone my mom has ever met – but that’s a different story), and commit to spending our lives together. And even though it’s a day I’ve dreamed of for a very long time, it’s also just one day – and I get every day with him.