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{Squatters built this makeshift shelter next to our cabin after Burning Man. Our neighbor got spooked and chased them off.}

To celebrate the last day of 2014, I’m kicking off a new series: j’adorable things, featuring photos that made me happy this week. Life is hectic and wedding planning tends to bring out the melodrama in the best of us (or just me…) One of my goals for 2015 is to try harder to live in the moment and worry less about the future that’s out of my control. My dad is always reminding me that life is about the journey, not the destination, but the perfectionist in me has a hard time taking my eyes off the prize, and I hope to start letting go of that a bit. The holidays are naturally a time to relax, recharge and take stock of the things that really matter in this life, and I want to make an effort to carry that sense of calm and happiness into the rest of the year as things get busy again. This is more of a reminder to myself than anything, but if you force yourself to stop and look around, there is so much beauty in simple, everyday life. Which was especially easy to do in Tahoe, my favorite place in the world, where we spent the past week. Happy New Year, and cheers to a joyful, peaceful, hopeful 2015!

{Closed for the season}

{Leaning Tree of Tahoe}

{Snow dogs, Pt. I}

{Snow dogs, Pt. II}

{Snow dogs, Pt. III}

{Wintry decor at the West Shore Cafe & Inn}

{Cabin fever}

{Nap time for my dad and Tippi}

{View from the spot where Tony proposed}