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{Still dreaming of the holidays, when this was my view from the sofa}

Sometimes I think Tuesdays are worse than Mondays… Friday is still so far away, but the weekend (and the holidays) are an even more distant memory. So in honor of the Tuesday blah’s, here is the clickbait I’m browsing instead of finishing up Tony and my Save the Dates, trying to come up with some New Year’s resolutions that I will inevitably forget about next week, or, you know… working.

9 Ways to Clean Your House With Basically Zero Effort {Domaine Home}

Holy Soul, my friend’s boyfriend’s wildly popular blog that features my favorite jams, which we’ll be rocking to during the cocktail hour at our wedding {Holy Soul}

Take Your Career To The Next Level in 2015 {}

Healthstagram: 7 Foodies to Follow on Insta {PureWow}

24 Movies to Line Up For In 2015 {Entertainment Weekly}

Successful Relationships Come Down To These 2 Basic Traits {Business Insider}

Fall In Love With Taylor Swift and “Shake It Off” All Over Again (and die laughing) {The Huffington Post}