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Tony and I are calling this The Year(ish) of The Wedding… Between our engagement and wedding, 15 of our favorite couples and dear friends are getting married. This is great news to me, lover of all things love, tulle and passed appetizers. Very sadly, we aren’t able to go to all 15 for one reason or another, but we’re making it to every one we possibly can… But with 15 weddings comes 15 bridal showers!

I may not be the craftiest person I know, but I love to DIY to the best of my ability. Being invited to a wedding, the most important and intimate day of someone’s life, is such an honor and so I like to find a way to personalize the gifts. My college roommate and bridesmaid Michelle got married last weekend, and the gift theme for her recent bridal shower was lingerie for the honeymoon. So, I made a clothesline out of ribbon and strung Hanky Panky’s from it. Super easy, super cute!

All you need are adorable mini clothespins {I found mine at Paper Source}, ribbon and a few pairs of pretty lingerie items. Hanky Panky is my go-to brand… They are known as The World’s Most Comfortable Thong for a reason. {They can be pricey, so my tip is to check Nordstrom Rack, where you can almost always find them on sale.} And of course, a card to tell the bride how excited you are for her!

Fold the thongs and pin them to the ribbon.

Lower the “clothesline” into tissue paper so the end of the ribbon is poking out for the bride to pull out. {Have your dog supervise so you make no mistakes.}

Go to the bridal shower. {Michelle’s was at the fabulous Eveleigh}

And CELEBRATE! {Here is the delicious menu from Michelle’s brunch.}

{The glowing bride on her happy day. Congratulations, Michelle!!!!}

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