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I’m in serious holiday withdrawal (and still noshing like it’s Christmas, not Detox Month)… So this weekend, I am most excited to curl up with a delicious new book and pretend we’re still on break. I can’t wait to get into Sarah Waters’ The Paying Guests. Everyone I know who’s read it says it’s impossible to put down, and I keep seeing it on “must read” lists (and you know how I love lists).

It’s set in an upper class neighborhood outside of London just after WWI, and is about a widow and her 26-year-old daughter whose lives are uprooted when they decide to take in tenants – “the paying guests” – to help pay the bills. It’s a New York Times bestselling period piece, love story and crime thriller all in one. Entertainment Weekly gave it an A rating and says: “One of the year’s most engrossing and suspenseful novels…a love affair, a shocking murder, and a flawless ending … Will keep you sleepless for three nights straight and leave you grasping for another book that can sustain that high.” And so that is exactly how I plan to spend the next three nights.

Happy weekend!