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Here’s a super creepy thing I’m trying, in hopes that I can transform my winter-worn tootsies into something I’m not ashamed to slip into open-toe stilettos (I live in L.A., after all. Sandals in January are completely reasonable)… Baby Foot.

It’s a Japanese foot mask I read about it on A Cup of Jo, and it sounded too crazy/amazing not to give it a go. Apparently, you slip into plastic socks filled with a mysterious goo for an hour, and then five days later your feet start peeling until they’ve shed their way to the adult version of “soft baby feet.” Anyone want to try with me, so I don’t have to Google “I’M WORRIED ABOUT WHAT IS HAPPENING TO MY FEET” alone in five days?

  • I just want to do it on my whole body, actually. Is that even possible?

    • Annie

      Haha, I kind of do too (but the other part of me is super concerned about going out in public while my skin peels off…)

      • Yeah — for sure. I got a peel at my derm awhile back and I was working for Portofino at the time and everyone was very concerned that I had gotten a sunburn from the beds there. LOL I looked pretty awful for like 5 days — and then awesome. :-)

        • Annie

          AMAZING. I’m so scared by peels, but I know I will bite the bullet and get one, one of these days!

          • Looking at your pix, though Annie, I really don’t think you’ll need one for quite awhile, although my dermatologist said that her model clients (even the teens) get one every end of summer and sometimes a couple of weeks before a big event. Who knows. They’re sort of old school now with all the IPL stuff out there.

          • Annie

            VERY interesting… I need to look into this before the wedding!! My skin is so sensitive, I get skittish with anything too intense.

          • My cousin got IPL and her skin looks AMAZING! I feel like I want it all over my entire body.

          • Annie

            Um, ME TOO.


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