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Tony surprised me with this guest blog photo series of him making Kale Carrot Apple Ginger juice, to balance our respective diets of cake and wine (me) and protein shakes and Monster Energy drinks (him). Maybe we’ll live longer, maybe we’ll develop superhero-strength vision, definitely I will feel less guilty about having cupcakes for breakfast.

My mom has slowly been fulfilling a wedding registry she built in her mind for me since I left for college (every 18-year-old needs a food processor!) so for Tony’s birthday a while back, she got him a juicer. I like to pretend I’ll do a cleanse to justify eating extra cupcakes as a “last treat” (then conveniently forget about said cleanse plan when I remember I turn into a sociopath when I’m hungry). But, I love having fresh juice in the house as a healthy snack between meals of frosting.

Tony’s favorite juice recipe to follow is from The Hungry Husky; he tripled it to fill two carafes. And he learned how to use an iPhone tripod to take pictures of himself… Sort of.

Don’t you just feel healthier reading this?! You’ve earned a cupcake! (Me too.)