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It’s that time of the month, ladies! (To pick a new book club book.) Full disclosure: I still haven’t finished January’s selection, The Paying Guests. Which somehow seems appropriate for book clubs – watching my mom’s growing up, about half the women actually read it but everyone got together to booze it up and gossip. (I’m working on putting my own version of that together too, but am not sure my friends will want to be in a book club where I pick the book every month…) But, I digress. Somehow it is already February 9th, and so I’m posting the book I will begin as soon as I finish last month’s, for all of you who are speedier readers than I am, and looking for something new and delicious to dive into…

The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins is at the top of my list because I keep reading that it is the next Gone Girl. And I loved me some Gone Girl. It’s a psychological thriller told from multiple points of view. Rachel is “the girl on the train,” a woman with an unreliable memory who commutes back and forth to London every day, daydreaming about the lives of Jess and Jason, a couple she watches from her window each day, until Jess goes missing. The novel’s perspective shifts as each of the three serves as narrator. I love a good (possible) murder mystery and can identify with Rachel’s unreliable memory (I have trouble remembering the names of people I’ve met multiple times, but can easily recite the names of Angelina Jolie’s children), so I’m in. Happy reading!

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