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{Katierose and me, post-talk in the photo booth}

Last night, Katierose and I went to see famed astrologer Susan Miller speak at Soho House. Katierose has been reading her horoscopes daily for the last 10 years, and will not negotiate, sign contracts or purchase electronics when Mercury is in retrograde (which, luckily, ends today). When she and I sold a TV pilot earlier this year, we waited until the “luckiest day of the year” to sign our contract. It should go without saying that Kro is obsessed with this woman, and so I’ve gotten into her over the past few years, too.

I like Susan’s general outlook on our world. Last night, she made a few statements that, I think, are good words to live your life by (and reminders we all need sometimes):

  • Be generous, be kind, be open.
  • Anybody can get along with anybody else.
  • If you knock long enough, loud enough at the palace gates, someone somewhere will let you in.
  • If you don’t ask, you won’t get.
  • Everyone wants to work with intelligence and talent.
  • When things aren’t getting better, start something new.
  • Always wear a little red to chase away the devil. (No idea what this means, but I like it’s vibe and I like to wear red.)

I learned that, as a Pisces, I am soft, spiritual and can walk into a room and feel empathy for the people in it – my emotions run very deep (all of which rings true). I need to be self-employed, because I like to work all night and not punch a clock (also true). However, I lack confidence and need time to think things over before making any decisions (unfortunately, true). When I came home last night, I read my fashion horoscope from her guest piece on The Coveteur (you can read yours here), and she was spot on about my shoe obsession… And she also mentioned having “Jupiter in this part of your chart until August 2015 means you will have a superb chance to lose weight if that is a goal for you,” which I am taking as permission to eat whatever I want leading up to my wedding and know I’ll lost weight anyway (that is what she’s saying, right?) The eclipse on March 20th (three days after my birthday) will help me (yay)! I can look forward to a year of all new beginnings, and this is the best year for me to get married (whew)! Collaborations will be key to my luck in 2015. And in September 2016, Tony will supposedly enter the best year of his life (although I don’t see how it could get any better… He’s got three dogs, a dream job and is marrying ME!)

{Susan’s calendar, my very belated birthday present to Kro}

However, while waiting in line to get Katierose’s calendar autographed, I overheard the girl ahead of me announce that she’s a Pisces (like me), and ask about a love match between her and a Virgo (like my ex of nearly 5 years). Susan told her that sign is an ideal match, which I can say with certainty (at least for me) it is not. And when I went home to Susan’s Astrology Zone website to see her thoughts on my match with Tony (a Libra), I read that we are not a “classical astrological pairing.” She writes Libras are refined, polished, sophisticated and elegant, adore cultural activities and fine restaurants, and know the hottest clubs and like to dress fashionably. My sweet, handsome, hilarious Tony is a lot of things – but “refined, polished, sophisticated and elegant” are not at the top of my list of adjectives to describe him. He hates clubs, loves restaurants that serve buffalo wings for less than $10 and his outfit of choice is usually something he can run in, or underwear. And I can say with certainty he is my ideal match. So, as fun as it is to look to the stars and planets to predict my future, I’m even happier with my reality.

If you want to check your “ideal match,” go here. You select your sign, and the sign of the person you’re interested in – it can be a boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or even a business partner (just take out the love references for the latter two). And you can read about what you have to look forward to in February here. Or, just ask Katierose… She’s got it all memorized, anyway.

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