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Are you there, Mom? It’s me, Annie! AND I ORGANIZED MY MAKEUP!

In an ongoing effort to get my life together, I purchased a cosmetic organizer. I’m no mathematician, but in doing this I’m pretty sure I added at least a year of free time to my life, as I spend (on average) at least 5 minutes/day tearing through the house trying to find this lipstick or that eyeshadow stick. No more! Now I have this acrylic case, and have officially become an “organized person.” (Sort of. Haven’t tackled the chairdrobe yet. Probably won’t. Ever.)

I also bought this compartment for lipsticks. And I used the box from sweet Tony’s Valentine’s Day gift for my brushes. For a similar look, here are a few of my other favorites from Amazon, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Ikea, Target, The Container Store, and this super cute wooden one from Etsy. This nail polish tray is next on my list as I inch one step closer to becoming a trophy wife with an immaculate house. (Or just an average, functional human lady, if we’re setting realistic goals.)


{Side note: I put most of my junk on the floor to take this picture to make myself appear MUCH neater than I actually am. I also didn’t show the reflection in the mirror because I haven’t gotten dressed yet today.}