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Need a distraction from work? How about you stare at this picture of a Shetland pony rocking Converse for a few minutes/hours? (That’s what I’ve been doing since I snapped this shot yesterday.) My friend Eileen, her sweet sweet baby Goldie and I popped by the Paramount lot yesterday to say hi to Tony while he was working. He had the brilliant idea to “borrow” a golf cart (*sidenote to all production assistants on the Paramount lot: Tony is sorry if that was your golf cart), and took us on a tour of the lot. Running into this fella was the highlight of our joyride. Pretty sure the flower girls should ride him down the aisle at our wedding, but I forgot to ask for a business card or if they travel to Tahoe. If you still need work distractions, may I suggest this clickbait:

We Should Have A Podcast, a podcast from Courtney Pauroso and Corey Podell – two of my best friends and two of the funniest ladies I know. They should have a podcast, and now they do! {Feral Audio}

The 99 Essential Restaurants in L.A. List {LA Weekly}

Tech Designer, 91, Lands Her Dream Job In Silicon Valley {Today}

The One Sentence You Need To Say To Everyone You Meet {Oprah}

This Is How Nutritionists Snack At Work {Real Simple}

Outsource Your Life {A Cup of Jo}

26 Fashion Hacks Every Woman Should Know {who what wear}

13 Best Books To Read On Love Before You Get Married {Martha Stewart Weddings}

America’s Best Cities For Singles {Travel + Leisure}

Okay, one more picture of that pony in SNEAKERS!


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