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For Tony’s Valentine’s Day gift this year, I decorated his School of Rock trailer and stocked it with his favorite things. (I waited to share until after Nickelodeon announced they had cast the kids, just in case. I didn’t want to get Tony in trouble… Even though I’m pretty sure it’s just my mom and her book club reading the blog. Hi ladies! Thank you for the support! One day, I will have a real job like all of your doctor daughters!) I had so much fun putting it all together. Stepford Wife adrenaline was coursing through my veins. I was channeling Martha Stewart as my spirit animal. I even thought about cleaning the house when I got home (thank god that madness passed!) Here is the little home away from home I put together for Tony on the Paramount lot:


{I know I sound like a dope, but seeing this sign literally brings tears to my eyes. I AM SO PROUD OF HIM. Colorado hat courtesy of his brother. Vintage Wang Chung (his favorite band) record & lantern lamp (because he loves camping) courtesy of me}


{Tony’s favorite candy: Sour Patch Kids, mini Reese’s, and Reese’s Pieces. Also threw in some Sour Patch Kids gum because I knew he’d think that was the greatest invention in the world, Emergen C because I am my mother’s (germaphobe) daughter, and Lenny & Larry’s protein cookies. Tony says they’re a meal replacement, but I know he really just likes them for dessert. And desk supplies, so he can sign autographs, write me love notes or cut things with his super masculine gold scissors. Other supplies: Pens, Sharpies, highlighters, notebook Post It, cement pencil cup, apothecary jars}


{I got him this awesome magnetic grey dry erase board + magnetic pens so he could stay organized and not forget anything. My note is still up – both sweet, and a sign that he absolutely did not need this. Also, our engagement photo in a super masculine frame! Awww!}


{More masculine desk supplies (mini Post It tabs, wood tray, acrylic + gold stapler, acrylic paper clip holder, gold paper clips, leather valet tray, rose gold letter holder, lavender & eucalyptus scented diffuser because those scents remind me of our anniversary trip to Ojai + our home in the hills, and also because it always smells a little like pee in his trailer), another engagement photo and a photo attached to the wall that I did not pick out, nor have I figured out how to cover it up yet. Still need to find the right size Expendables poster to block it with.}


{My absolute favorite thing I bought for him, because I knew he would love it most: A fleece Predator blanket!!!!!!!}


{There it is at home on his glamorous floral beige sofa and removable table! I also got him another cozy blanket, because one can never have enough blankets, and pillows with grey jersey pillowcases, because they look and feel like his favorite T-shirt.}


{Tony is obsessed with Native American culture, and this woven leather rug reminded me of that. Even though it’s from Urban Outfitters and in no way Native American.}



{Maybe this is why it always smells like pee.}


{Cetaphil Restoraderm lotion, Neutrogena make-up wipes, cute candle votive-turned-Q-tip-holder, slate toothbrush tumbler, poo view of some offices}


{Midnight blue towel}



{Me in my masterpiece}


{Me + my tiny bestie Avery (my bridesmaid Julia‘s daughter) on a recent set visit}

*You should also know to ask Tony for an espresso if you ever visit him on set. Because my mom bought him a Nespresso machine to keep in his trailer for Valentine’s Day. Pretty sure she loves him even more than I do.


{Tony + Julia + Julia’s to-be-born-baby + Avery + me}