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We asked our bestie (and my bridesmaid) Barbara‘s daughter Matisse to be our flower girl this weekend. As you can see, she did not have the response we were hoping for…


Luckily, we’d brought sparkly shoes to bribe her with and things worked out in the end (Tony never did get that hug, though). Matisse’s friend was over when we came by, and I wish I hadn’t turned off the camera that early, because he ran over right after I stopped filming and shouted, “Can I be Olaf?”


I am so excited. Whenever I go out with Barbara and Matisse, I like to pretend she is my daughter. Barbara lets me get away with this creepy behavior because she is a good friend. To say I am obsessed with this child is an understatement. She’s as hilarious and sweet as her mom, and always tells me I’m “beautiful like a princess.” She regularly leaves me voicemails asking if we can be best friends. And Tony taught her the dance routine from Dirty Dancing and trained her to run and leap so he can lift her like Baby… To this day, it is my favorite thing I’ve ever witnessed.


{Me + Matisse, a seasoned flower girl pro}

Speaking of our favorite children in the world, rounding out the bridal party and sharing the spotlight in the wedding will be Tony’s niece Tyler Ann as flower girl, and his nephew Beckett as ring bearer! We love them so much and can’t wait to see them (and force them to be in adorable videos) at our wedding, as they’ve been overseas for the past year!


{Uncle Tony}


{Tony + Beckett}


{Tony + Tyler Ann, also a seasoned flower girl pro}


{Me + Beckett}


{Tony + Beckett}


{Tony + baby Ty}

The three of them are going to steal the show, and I am completely fine with that.