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{Tony popping some bubbly at our friend Jeanie’s birthday beach bash this weekend}

I’m feeling like a chicken running around with my head cut off this week. I’ve turned our dining room table into the Wedding Central Command Station, and am spending my days scrambling to remember everything I need to do, and accomplish it before I forget again. I’ve written so many To Do lists online and around the house, it’s on a few of the To Do lists to find where I put the rest of the To Do lists. I’m so excited for our wedding, but I’m sincerely concerned the day will arrive and I’ll remember that morning it was on some To Do list to buy shoes, and I’ll have to wander down the aisle barefoot (not that that is a terrible idea… I’d at least be comfortable). I’m trying to cut myself some slack and remember that as long as Tony and I are there, everything will be great. And, I’m trying to make space in my life for the things and people who are important to me, so I don’t become a bride robot. Tony and I spent the morning volunteering at CHLA, we’re catching a screening of Jurassic World with some friends later today, and I leave for my bachelorette party (!!!!!!!!) tomorrow morning. Things are good, and I’m really lucky.

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