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I got home from my bachelorette party late last night and it was the happiest, most fun weekend of my life! I’ve been looking forward to my wedding since I was just a wee toddler with visions of tulle, flower petals and cake behind my eye patch, and it is overwhelming (in the most beautiful way possible) that everything I’ve looked forward to my entire life is finally, actually happening. And this past weekend was more than I ever dreamed of. I’m still soaking up the memories (and booze), so I’ll share all of the pictures and stories from the party later this week. But in the meantime, here are party favors I put together as a small Thank You gift for the epic weekend my friends put together:


Since I love pampering and beauty products, I wanted to gift the girls something on that theme. I decided to go with my favorite nail polish, essie in Chinchilly, and one of my favorite lipsticks, MAC’s Rebel. It looks like a goth purple shade in the tube, but I’d read on cupcakes & cashmere that it’s a shade that looks good on everyone, and she is right – it looked so pretty on all of the girls. I love it because I can put on just a bit and blot on a tissue to get a light stain, or layer it on if I want a more dramatic look.

MOH in Rebel

{Me + my Maids of Honor Jax + Katierose, all in Rebel lipstick this weekend (after blotting it to be lighter)}


{Wearing Rebel without blotting}


{Kate, testing out Chinchilly}

I had grand plans of writing individual, heartfelt notes to everyone with sappy words of my love for them, and how they had shaped my life and relationship with Tony. However, lately I’ve been drowning in wedding planning and have succumbed to the cliche of muttering to myself, “There aren’t enough hours in the day!” (I have no idea how I’m going to be a mother someday.) Of course, midnight rolled around the day before I was leaving for the party and I had a panic attack. Tony made the executive decision that I needed to write the same generic (but heartfelt) note to everyone to save time:


And then he helped me assemble and wrap the gifts. This military school grad is an excellent bow-tier!


{See, our house is in shambles. I’m writing this blog while wearing the pajamas I put on when I got home last night. If it doesn’t have to do with the wedding, I’m not interested. I’m like a bridal Rainman.}

Two boys, my friends Todd and Jason, were coming, so we tied theirs with mini bottles of Kiehl’s lotion and Jack Black lip balm.



{Can you tell all of these photographs were taken at midnight????}

On the back of each card, I cut and double-stick taped photos of me with each friend, if possible using the first photograph taken of us together.


{Me + Katierose}


{Me + Jax. The photos on the bottom and right are from her bachelorette party.}

These little party favors don’t even come close to properly thanking my friends for all they did for me this weekend, but it’s a fun little something, and ended up being a cute way to bring everybody together; almost all of the girls wore the lipstick out on Saturday night. Thank you so much, ladies & boys, for giving me the perfect bachelorette weekend!


{Me, Julia + her daughter Avery}


{Me + Barbara}


{Me + Ali}


{Me + Michelle}


{Me + Kim}


{Me + Christie}


{Me + Mallory}


{Me + Kate}


{Me + Corey}


{Me + Courtney}


{Me + Jason}


{Me + Todd}