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{My dear friends Jason + Todd at their wedding on October 31, 2014}

LOVE WINS!!!!!!!!! You guys, I am in tears. It is outrageous and disturbing that this took so long and was ever a question to begin with and not a natural right, but my heart is bursting with happiness that the Supreme Court sided with reason, rationality and love: Marriage is now legal for everyone, everywhere in the United States. States cannot ban same-sex marriage. I can’t wait to tell my kids about this momentous day one day, and for them to roll their eyes and be like, “You’re so old, Mom. Obviously anyone who wants to get married should be able to! How were you even alive when that wasn’t allowed? Wasn’t that, like, in the Dark Ages?”

This blog started as a marriage blog, a place for me to write about the craziness of wedding planning and the crazy love I have for Tony. I’ve dreamed of my husband, my wedding, what marriage will be like for as long as I can remember, and now those dreams are coming true. I’ve never experienced the joy before that I felt when Tony and I decided to formally, legally build a life together as husband and wife. I wish those dreams and that joy forĀ everyone who wants them. Justice Anthony Kennedy put it so much more eloquently and beautifully than I ever could:

Justice Kennedy

Many of Tony and my closest friends and family members are in same-sex relationships, and their love and commitment inspires me. My friends’ Todd and Jason’s Hallowedding was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever attended, and the fact that their nuptials fell on the same day as their 12th anniversary of dating made it all the more special. And at our friends’ upcoming wedding this fall, the grooms are encouraging all of the ladies to re-wear their wedding gowns… I think I’m looking forward to their wedding even more than my own! This is a win for so many people I love. I am so happy.

Marriage Equality Map

I wonder, though, what that “Christian” pastor who promised he would light himself on fire if this happened is going to do?! I have one word: Darwin. Darwin, ya’ll. Good luck and godspeed, you nasty excuse for a man! And for all the dipshits now saying they’re moving to Canada: Gay marriage is legal there, too. Has been for a while. And they don’t want your hate stinking up their country, either. It’s 2015, get with the program.

Love is love is love is love is love. Bottom line. So grateful for this equality for my friends, family and people in love across this country. I am so proud to be American. PEOPLE, I AM EXPECTING SO MANY MARRIAGE PROPOSALS TO FLOOD MY NEWSFEED. Our wedding is almost here, and I need more to look forward to!