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Guys, I have two words for you this Tuesday AM: WEDDING DRONES!!!!!!!! Here is video footage of the dream house that Tony and I will be getting married at EXACTLY ONE MONTH FROM TOMORROW. And yes, there WILL be drones at the wedding… Because nothing says “wedding” like DRONES, right?!?!?! (I know I’m losing my mind. I’ll come back to reality August 2. Promise. Thanks for bearing with me.)

I sent the video to my bridesmaid Barbara (mom to our flower girl Matisse) last night. This is what she emailed me back:

Matisse just watched the video SO many times and I have just transcribed this message from her to you EXACTLY as she said it:

“I hope you get a good time at the wedding. Love from Matisse. I love you and everything is going to be mine. I hope you get the good day. It is my favorite Annie in the whole world.”