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Tony and I had a relaxing Santa Barbara getaway this long weekend, where we got to recharge and watch my dear friend Berkeley (little sister of my lifelong bestie and co-MOH Jax) marry her love Jack. It was such a happy, emotional weekend; Berkeley and Jax are like family to me. I’ve known Berkeley since she was born. We share an obsession with rescuing and collecting homeless animals. She and Jax grew up down the street from us, and Berkeley once snuck over and tried to rollerblade away with our family’s cat. My dad officiated Jax’s wedding, and we were co-MOH’s and co-conspirators for that epic Napa wedding. So, it was the most beautiful thing to watch her marry the sweetest, funniest man whose family adores her as much as he does (and we do).


{My baby brother Billy + Berkeley on a family trip to Hawaii}


{Jax + me + Billy + Berkeley after Jax and I crushed a children’s golf tournament}


{Me + Berkeley + Jax, in the awkward years}


{Berkeley + her mom + dad}

My mom rented a house for the whole gang to crash at for the weekend. By “whole gang,” I mean Tony and me, my parents, my brother and his girlfriend Kelsi, my parents’ two giant beast-dogs and my brother’s Lhasa Apso (our dogs weren’t invited because I “have too many.” As indicated in the above-stated animal hoarding problem.) My mom had Tony install a nanny cam she bought at Costco, and spent most of the weekend watching her dog-babies on my dad’s iPhone. Meanwhile, Tony and I spent most of the weekend eating and then trying to run the food off. We did 5 miles by the beach every day:


{Tony runs in a Man Bun}


{Taking a break from eating to look at turtles}

Friday was the welcome party. Tony chatted with my mom’s friends and played with Jax’s baby Beckett while I drank and stalked the waiters with food trays.


{Beckett + Jax’s Aunt Barb + Jax + me}




{My bridesmaid Ali + her fiancé  Garrett + Tony + me}

Saturday was the rehearsal dinner at Jack’s family friends’ gorgeous home. They served Jack’s family recipe for homemade margaritas (best I’ve ever had), and hosted a 4th of July barbecue. His hilarious parents gave a beautiful speech that made everyone cry. Then his grandma gave a speech that made everyone cry some more. Then his sisters made us laugh and cry more. And then, a family member (his uncle, I think? So sorry, guys. Too many margaritas.) played a song he wrote about their love story, and kept those tears and laughs flowing. I didn’t fall in the pool, and am told I was in proximity to Oprah’s house. It was magic.



{Jack’s dad played the bagpipes to announce dinner. I never want to eat dinner without bagpipes announcing it first again.}


{Vogueing with Jax}


{Billy + Tony + Berkeley + me}


{Tony was really proud of his new sunglasses. Here we are with the lovebirds, slurping root beer floats.}

Then, Sunday was the wedding. It was as gorgeous as the bride. I got so choked up, watching her dad walk her down the aisle. She looked so, so, so happy. They chose Sandol Stoddard Warburg’s “I Like You” for their reading, and Tony and I agreed it was, quite possibly, the best selection for a wedding ever. When the ceremony was over, Tony turned to me with tears in his eyes and said it was so beautiful. I said to please hurry up and run for the slider station.


{A still shot from our 4th trip to the slider station}

There was unlimited Veuve Clicquot. And, per the usual, I forced everyone to stage a photo shoot.


{Dad told me not to get any Veuve ideas for my own wedding}






And after four rounds of sliders, I still found room for a delicious dinner.


The most emotional moment of the night, though, was when Jax gave her Maid of Honor speech. The girl has an Ivy League degree, was a college athlete and worked in finance in San Francisco and New York, but would totally kill as a stand up comedian. If I hadn’t had so much Veuve, I could probably remember more specifically what, exactly, she said. But I remember it was full of love, funny stories and made me really, really, really excited for her MOH speech at my wedding. Jax, you set the bar high for yourself.


{Trying to look classy while raiding the cupcake station}

We hogged the photo booth. Tony took Aunt Barb and all of our moms and their friends out for a spin on the dance floor. We blew bubbles and cheered as the newlyweds ran for their limo. It was all a blur of Veuve and sliders and cry-laughter and happiness, and then it was suddenly over. It happened so fast, and it wasn’t even my wedding! Maybe it’s because Berkeley is like family to me, maybe it’s because we’re getting married in just a few short weeks, but it was like the day was on fast forward when all we wanted was for it to slow down and not end. As we get closer to our own wedding, I’m trying to remember to “enjoy the journey” and “take it all in.” It’s crazy how quickly the past year and a half has gone by, and how all of the details you agonize over suddenly come to life, are adored, photographed, eaten and rocked out to, and then they’re a memory. I loved Berkeley’s so much, and hope for my own, I’m able to have as much fun being in the moment with the people I love most in this world.


Congratulations, Berkeley + Jack!!!!!!!!

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