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{Me + Katierose, post-gown fitting. Kro, you never have to go wedding dress shopping with me AGAIN!!!!!!}

There are so many things I want to write about in these last few weeks leading up to our wedding – my bachelorette party, Tony’s bachelor party, sharing our Save the Dates, how the guest list has been the most difficult part of planning, our honeymoon, how I’ve been feverishly sweating it out the elliptical from midnight to 1am – but, if you didn’t get it from that last one, the days are disappearing like the sands through that hourglass on Days of Our Lives. And today, I prioritized my final dress fitting (!!!!!!!!!) and buying fake hair (which Tony and I affectionately refer to as our “wedding pet.” It’s actually real hair from a stranger in India, and I will be wearing it on my head while we promise to love each other forever). I’m going to try to keep posting every weekday, but things might be a bit sporadic leading up to August 1. Thanks for bearing with me, and for reading and supporting the blog, it means so much to me!

In the meantime, here is some clickbait to get you through the weekend. I hope you have the happiest Friday! I sure did… Not only did the dress fit, but the kind people at Vera Wang told me to eat a burger. THOSE LATE NIGHTS ON THE ELLIPTICAL WERE ALL WORTH IT. And now, I’m going to do just that. Have the best weekend!

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