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Tony and I have been sprinting on the wedding planning hamster wheel hard as of late, and decided to take a night off to try and focus on why we wanted to get married in the first place. He treated me to a night of relaxation at Voda Spa, and I opted for the Siberian Wild Berry Scrub in hopes of getting baby butt-soft skin for the wedding. (Tony got a massage like a normal person.) My Maid of Honor Katierose turned me onto this Russian banya, and it’s the only co-ed spa I’ve found in L.A. where we can enjoy the sauna, steam room and pool together before heading off to our respective choices of chilling out.

Tonight, mine was basically getting scrubbed and hosed down like a dog by a stranger in a hazmat suit. You go into what appears to be a windowless murder room, lie on a marble slab, cover up your bits with small towels and then get exfoliated and bathed by a Ghostbuster. After the whole ordeal, as he rubbed me down with some sort of amazing smelling cream, all I could think was, “Put the lotion in the basket.” It was wonderful.

I’m trying to remember to breathe over these next few days. I pick up my wedding dress tomorrow, we’re going to get our marriage license and I have so much packing to do. Speaking of which, if you have any tips on that last one, I would love to hear them – what can I not forget to bring to the wedding?? (I once forgot to pack pants on a vacation, so any advice is really, truly appreciated.) And with that, I’m back on the hamster wheel! Thank you so much for all of the support and sweet comments over the past few days, they mean so much to me!