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On Saturday, my friend Kate hosted a private screening of Father of the Bride in her garage-turned-movie-theater. I made miniature wedding cakes. Tony made grilled tacos. A few of my bestie “girls and gays” came, we all drank too much and had other people drive us home. IT WAS A DREAM COME TRUE.


My friend Kate is the biggest badass I know. She and her boyfriend converted their garage into a theater by themselves. She also has an above-ground pool. And knows how to shave a dog. And make a mean corn dip (which I ate half of on Saturday. Sorry to everyone.)


{Me + Kate}



She decorated her house and garage with balloons, candles, bowls of candy and personalized the movie title in chalk for me. That night, I felt more like the Princess Bride than anything; the girls all spoiled me with the best kind of night, one full of love, low-key fun, Mexican food, champagne and FROSTING. Kate knew I was dying to watch this movie in her garage, but she went above and beyond to turn it into a beautiful party.


I made mini wedding cakes because in my head and heart, I am a Martha Stewart protege.


In reality, I am not good at following directions. I scraped the lumps off into a bowl and Tony ate them like pudding. (Then, he helped me frost and decorate the cakes because I am also not good at time management.)



Tony also manned the grill. While the girls all gossiped, drank, and forklifted corn dip into our faces, Tony grilled steak tacos and quesadillas for all of us.


{Neither girls nor gays but certainly besties, Katierose’s boyfriend Matt and his brother Michael came to help Tony out/offer him moral support}



{In the far left corner, you can just barely make out the remnants of that magical corn dip}


As soon as he was done grilling, Tony left as fast as he could to see Antman with his friends and try to forget he’d frosted pink mini wedding cakes. (Thanks again, Tony!!!!!!)



Then, it was time to cut the cake! Since Tony was gone, Katierose stepped it up and fulfilled her Maid of Honor duties.

FullSizeRender(574) FullSizeRender(573)

We finally got around to actually watching the movie in the best theater in town.


Kim took this photo (and most of the other ones on this blog) with her super fancy camera. We had a posing sesh and settled in.


Watching the movie got me even more emotional for the events of next weekend. My dad and I are really close, and watching this movie – after going through the ups and downs of wedding planning with my dad always being supportive, loving, optimistic and involved – really gave me a case of the feels. I hope I don’t sob my make-up and hair extensions off as he walks me down the aisle.



Over the credits, Katierose treated us to an improvised interpretive dance. It was one of my favorite nights of my life.

I have been really lucky to be showered with so much love and attention over the past year+, and this past weekend was the perfect culmination of it all. It was pouring rain outside, and it was a relaxed, intimate night. I spent the entire time laughing, eating and watching one of my favorite movies in the world, surrounded by my best friends. I can’t think of a better way to spend my last weekend in Los Angeles (or any night, really) before leaving for Tahoe. Thank you so much, Kate, for throwing a badass bash, and ladies + Jason + Todd for making me feel like the most special bride in the world.