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{Our most embarrassing moment to date was not, in fact, wearing matching Canadian tuxedos in Canada}

My mom’s first question when Tony and I got back from our honeymoon wasn’t “Did you have fun?” It was “ARE YOU PREGNANT????” I’m not. The waiter who served me sushi and two tequila cocktails last night can attest to that fact, and so can my doctor. However, something must have been in the air, because Tony told my agent that I am, in fact, pregnant. Worse, he emailed my agent from my email account, as me, so it seemed like I was telling her I’m pregnant. It was all an accident, just a big misunderstanding. Here’s how it went down…

When we returned from our honeymoon, I asked Tony to help me with the daunting task of changing my last name. We agreed that he would change it on all of the casting sites, IMDB and with my agents. He knows my passwords, so I thought he would just sign into my accounts and be done with it. I did not realize he would grab my phone and personally email them, pretending to be me. The key thing to know in this story is that my point agent, who he reached out to first, is currently on maternity leave. Here is what he wrote – again, from my personal email account, as me:

Sorry to bug you on a Sunday, but being a wife and expecting (Tony and I are so excited!!!), I was hoping you could help me change my name at the office and on the casting sites to Annie Cavalero from Annie Baria. Thanks so much and talk soon!

She wrote back:

Hey love!! Congrats on the wedding! And omg a little tonannie is on the way?? Ahhhh too much good stuff…is it public knowledge yet?

And followed up with paragraphs about her own experience, advice, excitement, asking how I told my parents and my friends… I WAS MORTIFIED. I asked Tony, “Um, did you tell my agent I’m PREGNANT?” And, like a stereotypical dude, his face went white as he looked up from trolling Instagram and stuttered, “You’re pregnant?

What Tony did not realize was that 1) she was no longer expecting, she’d had her baby a month prior to this exchange 2) adding that “but” really changed the context and tone of that sentence. I immediately emailed her back to clarify and let her know “I”/he/we meant to write “Sorry to bug you on a Sunday since YOU are a wife and new mom (not expecting),” and how excited we were for her baby, and to please please please keep sending me out on auditions to play collegiates. I don’t want to let go of that and start playing moms (onscreen or in real life) yet. (*Unless I’m playing a teen mom. Then I’ll do it.) (*Actually, I will play anything. Just give me a job, please.)

I hope we are blessed with a little one someday, but right now, I’m not ready. I’ll tell you when I am pregnant, but until then, don’t believe the rumors… Even if “I” am the one telling you (thanks again for the help, Tone)! The only thing I’m gonna be pregnant with in the near future is a pizza and wine baby tonight.