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{#tbt to when Tony pulled over on the side of Mulholland Drive to take this picture of me. Just FYI, I’m posing NOT playing Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes.}

Guys, I am loving Vancouver. Tony and I get to live in a hotel for a few weeks, giving me full license to pretend I’m an adult Eloise and do all of my work in a bathrobe. Food trucks are parked daily within walking distance. And there is a beautiful run nearby that goes along the waterfront; I’ve timed my jogs to coincide with the daily walk of a golden retriever I’m currently stalking (we didn’t get to bring our 3 mutts and I miss them something awful.) Being holed up here without any friends is giving me a lot of time to get work done; I’m really excited about my post-wedding plans for the blog, and am also working on a web series my friend Kim and I are planning to star in together. Because nothing says cliche quite like being an L.A.-based blogger-writer-actress who’s pitching a web series! When I’m not anxiously chasing down my dreams, here is the clickbait that’s distracted me during my stay so far in Canada:

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