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{Best gelato I’ve ever had at Bella Gelateria. We’ve gone here every day we’ve been in Vancouver so far. I’m grateful for that. My pants are not.}

Today, I’m launching a new series: GRATITUDE LIST. It was Tony‘s idea, and I loved it. He takes stock of things he is grateful for as soon as he wakes up and before he goes to bed, and I see the happiness, peace and fulfillment it brings him. I think this practice contributes to his open heart and ability to “live in the moment,” something that I strive for. There have been countless studies demonstrating that being grateful makes you happier, and I want to make a conscious effort to really appreciate the things I have in my life instead of always chasing down the next thing.

This blog (purposefully) shows a glossy version of my life that is intended to make you laugh, inspire and entertain you. I think, with social media, we all share the “perfect” version of our lives most of the time. I curate the aspects of my life that I think will be fun to read (and write) about. But I’m not perfect, and neither is my life (far from it) – for example, lately I’ve been really anxious about my career. There was so much joy, anticipation and focus surrounding the wedding, I know I have the “bridal blues” now that it’s over. I’ve joked before that “there’s nothing to look forward to” anymore, and a part of me gets really worried on my more self-absorbed, “pity-party” days that I’ll never amount to more than being The Wife Of. I was up for a big writing job right before the wedding that I found out this week I didn’t get, and I’m trying not to dwell too much on it and move on. The best and worst thing about this job is that you get to create whatever you want, whenever you want; I have the freedom to work anywhere on my own schedule, but I have to be accountable for myself, not take rejection personally and keep trying new ways to make a living doing what I love.

So, right now, I especially grateful for you. Thank you for reading, supporting, subscribing, commenting and sharing this blog! I’m of course so very grateful to have my family, my friends, my dogs and my health, too. But here are the other things I’m feeling so lucky to have in my life… Those little, specific, wonderful things and surprises that make life good.


My husband. And this latte and breakfast he made for me before going to work.

The run along the water Tony and I got to go on in the rain this morning. I love the rain. It is my natural habitat. (But I still wore SPF 70. Just in case.)

Peanut Butter Baby

This baby, the only person I’ve ever seen who might love peanut butter even more than I do.

Sweet Comment

This comment that was left on a blog I wrote a month ago, a few days before my wedding. Then, I was anxious that if I didn’t write every day, readers would think I was unprofessional and stop reading; it was such a generous, beautiful thing to write and exactly what I needed to hear, and I still go back and look at it when I’m worried about my career. Thank you again, Ashley! And thank you to everyone who comments – I feel very, very, very lucky that people I don’t know read and comment (and also, very lucky that my mom doesn’t know how to use technology well enough to figure out how to comment, so instead she has to privately email me all of my grammatical errors instead of sharing them with the world.)


My parents, who are taking care of our 3 dogs in addition to their 2 while we’re in Vancouver for Tony’s job. They call them their “granddogs,” take them hiking every day and send me lots of pictures of them being adorable. Thank you, Mom and Dad.


The heart the chef made for us out of fried rice at dinner at Kobe with our friend Gordon last night.

Amanda Booth

This piece of career advice I read on MyDomaine while I was drinking my coffee this morning. Yes it was about models and motherhood, and I’m a writer with no baby, but I took what I needed from it, OK?


{Baby Maggie}

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Tony Profile Pic

That this is Tony’s Facebook profile picture. Our friend took it at the wedding, and I cried when I first saw it. I look at it every day and it brings me so much happiness.

If you feel like sharing what you’re grateful for right now, I would love to hear it! It can be anything. Your husband or girlfriend, your baby or dog, or even a video that made you laugh or a quote that got you through the day… Thanksgiving doesn’t come frequently enough, and when it does, it brings too much food and family drama with it. What are you thankful for today?