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{Love Sadie romper // Vince Camuto sandals}

Tony is working crazy long days on set up here in Vancouver, so we’re making the most of whatever free time he has, whether it be with popcorn for dinner at a late night screening of Mission Impossible, a date night by the water or me eating cupcakes in bed while he runs up and down the stairs of our 18-floor hotel (that was this morning). A few days ago, we tried a restaurant called Miku on the waterfront. It was the first meal we’d been able to share together in a few days, so I decided to go all out and actually shower, do my hair and make-up (I’ve been living in the hotel robe and guys, it is glorious. The upside of knowing no one in town means I get to skip the laborious ordeal of dressing myself on a regular basis). And since Tony had only seen me in said robe for days, I decided to wear his favorite outfit of mine, this floral romper. I bought it for our honeymoon, but have been wearing it a lot lately because he loves it so much and so do I – there is something really subtly sexy about the long sleeves and short shorts. And I don’t feel like a giant baby in it, even though it’s a romper. Here’s a photo shoot we did near the restaurant, right by a cruise ship port and lots of tourists who felt really sorry for Tony having to take so many pics of his wife.