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Crocker Art Museum wedding

Tony and I drove home from my parents’ house late last night, and we are still delirious. We went straight from Vancouver to northern California for one of my childhood best friends’ wedding, and had so much fun we didn’t want to leave… Which resulted in us not rolling up to our driveway until the middle of the night. (With a necessary pit stop at In N Out around 10:30pm, which I am wholeheartedly regretting this AM.) We’ve been gone for almost 2 months, and married for 6 weeks, but for the first time, we’re arriving home as newlyweds. The party is officially over. I wrote a few weeks ago about what the first month of marriage has been like, and one of the things I mentioned was the fact that things don’t feel all that different yet. Maybe that’s because we jumped from one high to another; wedding prep to the wedding weekend to the honeymoon to living out of a fancy hotel suite in Canada where Tony was shooting a movie.


{View out the car window when we left}

We are back to reality now, and I’m really sad all the fun is over. We came back to a mountain of mail (major props to our saint of a neighbor Alanna who dragged all our crap in for the past 2 months! Girl, I love you and I owe you!) And among the bills were two wedding magazines I subscribed to almost two years ago. I’d like to pretend I won’t read them, but I probably will. I still love weddings, and can’t wait to be the Old Married Friend With Too Much Advice when my other besties get engaged. But it pulled at my heartstrings a bit, that any pages I fold down aren’t going anywhere unless I can convince Tony to please please please annually renew our vows. (I think I just gave my dad a heart attack. Tony, too.)

car selfie

Today I am facing the choice of either going out and buying new socks and underwear, or doing laundry (don’t worry, Tony. Now that we’re talking joint bank accounts and saving up for our future, I will choose Option B). I’m working on a few projects that I’m really excited about, and I need to get some actual writing done. I am super embarrassed to publicly acknowledge that I have not written one Thank You note yet. Our dogs are starting to look like Furbies, and so am I… We all need to go to the groomer. And the gym. And the grocery store. And maybe the juice cleanse store. We’re diving back into our normal routine. But everyone I’ve talked to so far says that this is the special time, this is when things start to feel different. Because you are back to reality, but as a married couple, tackling it together. And suddenly all the everyday normal feels new and different. So, maybe there is something to look forward to after weddings after all…

Thanks for letting me rip out this super self indulgent blog! I know, poor me, I had my dream wedding and got to fly all over the world with my husband I love so much and now I’m having a pity party that I have to make my own bed again… But, if you have any advice on how to beat these bridal blues (aside from getting pregnant), I would love to hear from you!