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{Fresh Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream}

One of my goals in life is to be able to leave the house without make-up and not have someone say one of the following: 1) “Rough night?” 2) “You look so tired!” 3) “Are you sick?” For as long as I can remember, I’ve had giant bags under my eyes that don’t seem to go away no matter what I do. I think it stems from mentally and emotionally abusing myself if I didn’t always get A’s in school, and now the adult equivalent of getting A’s (like, having a steady and respectable job…) I used to stay up all night studying, and still cut sleep short to get work done or go on the elliptical machine. (My mom thinks my poor sleep stems from my sleeping with my dogs spooning my head, but I disagree.) So, I’m always on the lookout for an eye cream that might work miracles, and this one is my favorite so far.

Fresh is one of my favorite brands, both because of the quality and because of how amazing their stuff smells. Whenever I use their products at night, Tony always tells me I smell good, even if I maybe went for a run and maybe didn’t shower. And this actually isn’t even a cream, but a gel, which makes it feel more moisturizing and less thick and goopy. It also absorbs faster than other products I’ve tried. And even though I do still wake up with those forever-bags, they are less noticeable and any puffiness is gone. And, more importantly, I wake up feeling refreshed.

What products are you loving these days? Do you have any under-eye bag miracle workers??


* This post is not sponsored. BUT I WISH IT WAS!!!!!!