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Michelle + Jax + Me + Kim + Kro

{Michelle // Jax // me // Kim // Katierose // All wearing MAC Rebel lipstick}

A few months ago, I wrote about giving all the girls who came to my bachelorette party a tube of my favorite lipstick as a party favor, since they all traveled so far and took time away from their families and lives to celebrate me in Ojai. I still haven’t gotten around to sorting through all the photos and writing about the mad beautiful hilarious magic of that weekend in a way that will do it proper justice, but my friend Christie emailed me with the great idea to do a blog with a picture of each girl wearing the lipstick. So, I forced them all to take selfies and allow me to publicly share them. Thanks, ladies! I’d read that this shade looks good on everyone, and as you can see, it really does… Some girls blotted it to go on lightly, others slicked it on for a dramatic effect, some filtered their photos and one even had her tube stolen by her baby, who perhaps loved it more than the rest of us. I love the combination of pics, as they show the versatility of the shade, and all the different ways to rock it. The color is MAC Rebel, and here we all are wearing it:













Mallory + Sammy

{Mallory + Sammy}



Me + Jax

{Me + Jax}



Avery Mae

{Julia’s baby Avery Mae}