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Hotel Saint Cecilia

{Me + my baby bro in the lobby of our hotel}

After a whirlwind trip of eating and more eating in Austin, I’m back home in the loving arms of my 3 beloved dogs (and husband, eventually. I’m just really excited about the dogs right now.) I prioritized one last breakfast taco-and-pastries binge this morning instead of writing a blog because I am a consummate unprofessional/food addict, so here’s a few little hump day distractions to enjoy with a glass or three of vino, if you’re anything like me… IT’S ALMOST FRIDAY, JUST HANG IN THERE.

My friend Carrie toured Banksy’s Dismaland and wrote about it for Architectural Digest. (I don’t think I’ve ever been so jealous writing a sentence.)


How to throw a gothic chic Halloween party.

12 once-in-a-lifetime campsites (throwing this one in because I like to pretend I might one day brave camping again.)

Planning to lose a LOT of hot cash on this Ikea holiday decor (because I’m a firm believer in starting to dream about Christmas in July. Or sooner. Sorry not sorry.)

Stylish AND budget-friendly furniture.

14 surprising things about parenting in Sweden.

42 ways to have the best fall ever.

These pizza croquetas are gonna derail any diet plans.

How to survive driving in a car with your significant other.