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{gorgeous graffiti in Austin}

This week flew by especially quickly (probably because I spent half of it in a food coma in Austin). It was so nice getting some much-needed time with my uncle in the evenings, and I loved spending the days holed up writing at the Hotel Saint Cecilia, one of my favorite places in the world to stay. I came back to a clean house, my three sweet pups, a home-cooked meal and my loving husband, reminding me there is no better place in the world than home.

Tony’s in the latest Groundlings show on Fridays and Saturdays through Thanksgiving, so I stacked my weekend with girl’s nights and grand plans to learn how to use our new Vitamix wedding gift. I’m thisclose to finishing our Thank You notes, and have a mile-long checklist of all the places I still need to change my last name that I also need to hack away at. And we sort of stopped watching TV about six months ago when the wedding consumed our lives, so I’m going to pretend catching up on Scandal and our friend Jaimie’s new show Blindspot is mandatory homework. Maybe if I’m feeling particularly inspired, I might even attempt to tackle my hoarding problem (probably not, though). Monday is a holiday (and Tony’s birthday!), so I will see you Tuesday. Happy weekend!

moonlight swim

{Moonlight swim. Still suffering from the mosquito bites. Worth it.}

dad + his bro

{my dad + his bro}


{sweet welcome}


{Minibar. No bigs, just PROSCIUTTO and BRIE.}

pool dog

{pool dog}

hotel dog

{hotel dog}


{hotel gargoyle}

lounge flowers

{lounge decor}


{unforgettable meal at Uchiko}






{Okay, REAL breakfast. Still dreaming of these breakfast tacos. The potato ones have MASHED POTATOES in them.}

juliet pasta

{Amazing dinner at Juliet}

juliet cocktails

{I forget what water tastes like}


{fancy toiletries for purchase}


{good thing I checked the prices before grabbing the $18 toothbrush or $55 shampoo}

austin cab

{transportation like this keeping Austin weird}

blown out roses

{came home to these flowers}

pb cookies

{and these homemade peanut butter cookies}


{and this face!}

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