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gift guide for him

Guys are SO HARD to shop for. Here are some ideas for the dudes in your life…


{Crosley Radio Executive USB Turntable}

One of Tony’s favorite things about staying at the Hotel Saint Cecilia (where we just were last week) is their “record library” you can check out music from to play in your room. I love the look of this turntable.

Car Mount

{iOttie Car Mount}

Tony and I fight daily about cell phone usage in cars. Here’s a passive aggressive stocking stuffer if you’re in the same boat…

giant ice cube

{Tevolo King Cube tray}

Non-passive aggressive stocking stuffer: Giant ice cube tray, for his Manhattans or his AM iced lattes.

Sseko Macbook Case

{Sseko laptop case}

I’m obsessed with this laptop case, and even more obsessed with this do-good company that empowers women in East Africa.


{A drone.}

A DRONE. Boys like toys.


{ultra saber lightsaber}

A legit, for real light saber. BOYS LOVE TOYS.

Master Dynamic

{Master & Dynamic headphones}

These are the headphones I got Tony for his birthday. He approves.

Areaware flask

{A flask}

He will probably need to drink when he sees December’s credit card bill.

lululemon pants

{lululemon anti-gravity pants}

Tony’s favorite pair of pants.

iPhone stand

{iPhone stand}

So he can keep an eye out for texts from you at work.

ryan mccann

ANYTHING by our friend, Ryan McCann. He’s a former pro football player who makes art with a blowtorch. He built our bed and dining table. We are in LOVE with his work.

selfie remote

{selfie remote}

A more subtle way to snap a selfie than a selfie stick. Because he’s sick of being an Instagram Husband.

Google Chromecast or AppleTV. If they don’t already have it, they need it, so they can watch their own YouTube videos and pretend they’re real TV stars.

Or, just get him the video game/video game system he wants and some homemade coupons for him to play it without you nagging him. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!