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silver selfie face mask

The marketing for this face mask is that it’s perfect for selfies… THEY GOT ME. (And I’m glad they did, because I ended up loving it.) The product is GLAMGLOW GRAVITYMUD Firming Treatment, and the pitch is that it’s an instant firming and tightening treatment. It comes in a little purple tin and smells like coconut candy.

silver selfie face mask

You swipe the white goop on your face with the brush (included in the package), let it dry for 20-30 minutes, and it turns from white to silver. I tried it yesterday before heading off to a Super Bowl party, and thoroughly enjoyed the gimmick of watching my face transform into the Tin Man’s. After 30 minutes, the mask dried into a sort of sticky sheet that I peeled off in one fell swoop (and you know I love anything that makes me feel like a snake shedding its skin). My skin felt tight and firm, as promised, and was glowing like I’d just gotten a facial. I don’t think the effects are necessarily long-term lasting (I woke up this AM looking as haggard as ever), but I’ll definitely be using this any time I have an event where I know I’ll be taking lots of photos, or simply for a pick-me-up when I want my skin to look great. Or, when I’m hosting a Girls Night and we want to take a group selfie in which we all look like silverfish/robots/aliens.

silver selfie face mask

*Not sponsored, I dropped my own hot steaming cash on this. It’s not cheap at $69, but I liked it enough that I’m not suffering Buyer’s Remorse. #NOREGRETS (Don’t tell Tony.)


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