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National Puppy Day

Apparently, it’s National Puppy Day? I feel like it’s that holiday at least twice a month just so people can #humblebrag about their #dogsofinstagram, but I’m not complaining, I love any and all excuses to share photos of my dog-babies. It’s an apropos holiday to fall during this week, too, as Tony and I finally bit the bullet and hired a dog trainer on Monday. It was for a variety of reasons: Our dogs are all maniacs in general, but especially when people come over. One pees herself she gets so excited and the other, without getting too deep into her issues, is sort of like Lenny in Of Mice and Men. Lucy, the oldest, is the only sane one. They’ve destroyed our fence by trying to claw through to our neighbor’s dogs, they treat the rug as their own personal toilet, and one of them growls if I try to move her on the sofa or in the bed to make room for me. The dog trainer summed it up nicely when she looked me in the eye and said, “You’re the lowest bitch on the totem pole. You need to take control of your life.” I had no idea I was getting free therapy out of the sesh, too, but she saw straight through to my soul! (She also got down on the floor and growled at the dogs, and said that once when she got bitten a few years ago, she bit the dog back. I’m 100% positive that she is higher on her life’s totem pole than I am on mine.) Anyway, blah blah blah, we’re doing sleep training with our dogs sleepingĀ not in our bed and I’m trying to be in charge without apologizing to them for telling them what to do. (Yes, I apologize to my dogs. Maybe I do need to take control of my life.) We are NOT sleeping, though, while the dogs voice their disapproval of their new sleeping arrangement all night long… So, here are some of the things I clicked on when they woke me up from 3-5am last night:

“Do what you love so much you forget what time it is.” Love this piece by Gloria Steinem.

Can’t wait to copy Gal Gadot’s premiere look (this site has the best how-to’s, in my humble op.)

What flipping a house is really like.

9 surprising things to freeze in ice cube trays so you stop wasting what’s in your fridge!

The fine art of complaining without sounding like a brat (a skill I should probably cultivate).

This girl let her dad style her outfits. (REALLY want to repeat this experiment with my own dad, but I think he’ll be horrified by how much crap I hoard in my closet.)

Hi, breakfast sandwiches.

24 pieces of the best affordable art.

Loving all these pedi looks.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s favorite snack foods.

80 life-changing beauty hacks.

Want to work from home? Apply to these companies.

ALL THE TEARS. Ellen DeGeneres, I love you. Quincy, I can’t wait to watch your special.