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Teenager In A Horror Film

{My best “Teenage Dumb Blonde” look. It’s my life’s great regret that I wasn’t in Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion}

Yesterday, I had an audition to play a teenager in a horror film. THE CASTING DIRECTOR ASKED ME IF I WAS OVER 18 and I discovered that sometimes, words can be better than antidepressants! I will ride this high until I grow another face wrinkle!!!!!!

That’s really all that’s happening in my life right now. Happy hump day! Here’s the clickbait I’m trolling on the internet these days…

Without a doubt, my favorite interview Tony has ever done.

These people are insane.

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L.A. now has an adoptable dog cafe, and I feel like this is going to be a real problem for me… I won’t be able to leave without a coffee AND a dog. (I can’t wait.)

Parenthood around the world.

19 locations from your favorite TV shows that you can visit in real life! (My parents got to go to Downton Abbey and I am so jealous.)

Common skin misconceptions.

Would someone PLEASE get dressed up and go for afternoon tea with me? Please??

5 hair masks you can DIY with ingredients from your kitchen.

These places have secret menus and free products for your pups! (Can’t wait to pick up some puppuccinos for the girls.)

My friend Daisy’s adorable//hilarious//relatable//weird (in a wonderful way) Instagram art, Not Normal Am I.

How to help with an anxiety attack.

If you loved Sex and the City, this new show is for you.

Um, did this wedding cost $1 billion?!?!