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School of Rock

{Pic the hubs sent from School of Rock band rehearsal today. Yesterday, they found out they’re getting a SEASON 2!!!}

Guys! Re-envisioning “lovable links” as click crack. Just felt more in line with my personality and “on brand” for the personality of this blog. AND IT’S MY BLOG AND I’LL DO WHAT I WANT TO! Here’s what I’m trolling on the internet this week… HAPPY HUMP DAY!

School is back in session for SEASON 2 of School of Rock! So very proud of my sweet and hilarious husband.

Um, did you know it is possibly to literally sleep with the sharks in Paris?!

Romantic comedy jobs, updated for 2016.

This lip sync battle between Jimmy Fallon and Melissa McCarthy brings me SO MUCH JOY.

Meet the “Rocket Girls,” the women who charted the course to space.

Creativity is the key to youth, apparently. (I HOPE SO!!!!)

It’s Shopbop’s Friends & Family sale! Which means if you use the code INTHEFAM, you get 25% off of basically everything. (Which means, it’s such a good sale you will spend SO MUCH MONEY just to “save” money. I did already. Don’t tell Tony.)

The shocking cost of being a bridesmaid.

13 chic Ikea hacks.

The creator of Mad Men‘s reassuring life advice for struggling artists.

11 pressing questions for an ob-gyn.

This dress that I wore to the Kids’ Choice Awards is MAJORLY on sale!

STOP STRESSING OUT. (Saying this more for myself than anything.)

15 cute pairs of jeans for under $100.