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gratitude list

{ Tony + me in his dressing room. Despite what it looks like, we are NOT wearing matching wigs. }

This week, I have been trying to take it easy – that’s not to say I did less with my time, it’s just that I tried to operate more peacefully. Somewhere along the line, I convinced myself that I’m not working hard enough unless I’m stressed out of my mind. (Not healthy.) Shockingly, I found that I got just as much, if not more, done and wasn’t a wreck at the end of the day and had enough mental space left for quality time with Tony, instead of trolling social media like a zombie until passing out. It’s his first week back at School of Rock and we’re both re-adjusting to the new schedule and all of the exciting crazy stuff that comes along with the show being on the air (this week, someone started a Mrs. Tony Cavalero Instagram account and just re-posts my pictures with Tony. I am both flattered and hopeful he/she doesn’t get more followers than me…) It was nice to sneak time together whenever we could, and my favorite moment this week was when we made nachos at 9pm in our pajamas after not seeing each other for 3 days. We have a packed weekend of plans with people we adore and don’t see often enough, and I can’t wait. Happy Friday! Here’s what I’m grateful for right now…


Waking up to these faces.

gratitude list

Girls night in with the best Italian food in the city, Jon & Vinny’s.

The fact that I am NOT going to Coachella. Here is why.

American Town Hall

That Tony and I get to be in this month’s American Town Hall show! Please come! The three people who run it (Cass Bugge, Mary Grill and Matt Hobby) are deranged geniuses and it is one of the best, most hilarious shows in town. We’re so lucky and thrilled to be guests.

gratitude list

Belated birthday brunch with my girlfriend Sam. This was the morning we decided to do a bikini body challenge together.

gratitude list

Easter egg nails + my OG puppy Lucy.

gratitude list

This Tweet. Seven people have asked me if I am Tony’s sister on Twitter and Instagram this week alone. Not one has asked if I am his wife. I think it’s the hair. Or maybe my massive muscles.

gratitude list

My latest addiction, which fortunately is good for me (for once): Sweetgreen.

Waze sending me on Mulholland Drive, my favorite street in all of Los Angles, to the westside today. I still spent an hour in the car each way, but it was beautiful and relaxing, two words that are never used to describe L.A. traffic.

gratitude list

Celebrating my brilliant friend Jimmy Fowlie at the premiere party for season 2 of his web series, Go-Go Boy Interrupted.

gratitude list

Brunch with Tony at a divey little diner off the freeway that reminded me of the restaurant where my family would always eat on Sunday mornings when I was a kid.

gratitude list

Wildflowers in bloom on a hike.

gratitude list

Proof that Tony will be a great dad one day in the distant, far-off, definitely-not-this-year future.

Have the best weekend!

  • are you tony’s sister???

    • Annie

      Hahaha it’s my 3rd favorite question I’ve ever been asked!!!! (1st: “Will you marry me?” and 2nd: “Do you want this puppy?”)


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