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Watermelon Ginger Mint Cocktail

There are a few menu items that are impossible for me to pass up. Cacio e pepe? Done. Burrata? Yes please. Guacamole? We’ll take the large. Pesto? Just put it on everything. Cake? Can I have an extra side of frosting with it?? And any watermelon drink… HEAVEN. Tony and I had a few friends over for dinner this weekend, and since it already feels like we’re in the dead heat of summer, we decided to grill out. And nothing goes better with burgers than watermelon. Since I think most drinks taste better with booze, I decided to puree the watermelon into a cocktail. It was such a hit, we kept making batches of it and never even touched the wine…

2 12 oz bottles of ginger beer (Reed’s is our favorite brand)
2.5 lbs seedless watermelon chunks
1 handful of mint leaves (I bought your typical 3/4 oz mint leave package in the herb section and pulled the leaves off 1/2 of the sprigs in the package)
8 shots of tequila

Serves 4.

If you don’t want it to be too alcohol-heavy (um, who are you?), just do four shots. Throw everything in a blender, mix on high until it’s a thoroughly pureed mess of deliciousness and pour immediately over ice. Ingredients will settle and separate, so if you have some left in the blender, just blend it again quickly before pouring any leftovers. You can also make a virgin version if you’re under 21 or driving; fewer calories, just as yum.