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School of Rock

{Visiting set with the fam bam last night. That’s my godmother on the left, and my husband in the dress in the middle. The blue dress. I know we’re twins.}

All you need to know about my week so far: Tony’s got bronchitis and I’ve got jury duty. HAPPY HUMP DAY IS IT FRIDAY YET?

LOVE this interview with my handsome husband (on page 58).

This made me laugh out loud.

Um, LISA KUDROW is performing at the Groundlings this Thursday. Live. Lisa Kudrow!!!!!

Are you obsessed with being busy? ME TOO.

The 19 books everyone will be talking about this summer. (I’m most excited for The Girls.)

Made this dessert for a dinner party we hosted this weekend and it was magic.

What the hell happened to personal style?

9 cocktails to try this spring in L.A.

I keep reading articles on how to keep my house clean, and I keep living like a hoarder. Oh well. The cycle continues.

22 budget-friendly recipes to use up all those kitchen scraps.

7 daily habits that will make you smarter.