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The latest guest blog from actor//writer//mama Barbara King, listing all of the things I want in life…

10 Things That Cost the Same as Private School in L.A.

This could be you, jumping off the new boat you bought with the money that you didn’t spend on private school. (But it’s actually my cousin Andrea.)

10 Things That Cost the Same as Private School in L.A.

by Barbara King

The average cost for one year of tuition at a Los Angeles private school is $25,000. Many of the more popular private schools soar far beyond that price tag. And the “funny” part is that, unlike free public schools, private schools can also charge fees on top of tuition for books, class materials, field trips, fundraising, and numerous other activities to help educate the brave and inquisitive thinkers of tomorrow, (and of course to help pay for the several pounds of thick, glossy folders and colorful brochures they mail to moms like me who clicked “Request More Information” online.)

So, I’ve decided to send my child to public school. Or rather, my bank account decided for me. For those families still wavering between the choice of public and private, here are ten ideas of what families can do for the same price of private school in L.A. for one child from kindergarten to senior year.

  1. 1. Buy 13 cars.
  2. 2. Pay off your entire mortgage.
  3. 3. Fly first class everywhere you go for the rest of your life.
  4. 4. Afford a daily private chef for one year, a daily housekeeper for one year, a daily massage therapist for one year, a daily personal trainer for one year, a part-time nanny for one year, a part-time personal assistant for one year, and still afford the newest model Tesla.
  5. 5. Live in a chateau for one month, all expenses paid, every year until your child graduates high school.
  6. 6. Buy a sailboat.
  7. 7. Fly first class to New York City, stay in the Penthouse Suite at the Waldorf Astoria, get front row seats to Hamilton, courtside seats to a Knicks game, eat your heart out at Per Se, and then do it again. Every single month for over a year.
  8. 8. Get your whole body covered in tattoos and then get them all laser removed.
  9. 9. You could provide daily lifesaving nutritious food for THIRTY malnourished children FROM BIRTH UNTIL AGE 18.
  10. 10. College – although by the time your kid goes to college, that tuition will be so hefty, your savings may only cover their freshman year.

10 Things That Cost the Same as Private School in L.A.

Cheers to whatever decision you make! But if you choose private you may have to settle for the cheaper champagne.

Have fun choosing.

Barbara King-Wilson is an actress and writer living with her family in Los Angeles. Follow her @TheBarbaraKing and visit her at!

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