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My best friend and co-Maid of Honor Jax shared this hot hot pic on Facebook last night and it gave me all the feels!!!!! I think this was before a school dance circa 2001? As you can see, I was already channeling my inner Stepford Wife, 15-going-on-37, while Jax was really feeling the Britney vibe. (She could probably still rock that crop top, though.) We’ve known each other since we were babies and grew up down the street from each other, and now she has a baby of her own and lives walking distance from both our parents. This photo simultaneously made my week – and also made me desperately homesick, and envisioning an alternate reality in which I still lived close, could take her spin classes every day and hear her in person (instead of via text) telling me to take a freaking chill pill and stop worrying so much. Aside from that daydream (Jax, I MISS YOU), here are the other things getting me through this hump day…

THAT’S MY BABY BROTHER!!!!! So very very proud.

A few of the best moments from this season of School of Rock so far!

Kinda want to have a jewelry-making party and do these bracelets. I’M 30 THIS IS WHAT I DO NOW. (For real, anyone wanna come over and booze and craft??)

Everything you should download before your next flight.

Drooling over these homemade ice pops + thinking I need to host a summer bbq just to have an excuse to make them: lime and grapefruit daiquiri, lemon thyme, and strawberry cucumber.

How to get people to like you, from the head of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Program. (Is it so creepy that I wanted to read this? Am I a sociopath?)

Brutally honest advice for writers from my wonderful friend Jessie.

Some good life hacks.

Love this piece on work-life balance.

How to make your week feel more like the weekend.

If you live in L.A., come see this show with me!! This Sunday May 22 and next Thursday May 26. It’s gonna be MAGIC.