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{ Can we please go back to the weekend? }

Do you guys do that thing that all the skinny celebrities swear they do, drinking a cup of hot water with lemon in it as soon as you wake up to “alkalize” your body? (Whatever that means.) Can someone please explain this to me? Because I did it yesterday and today and haven’t lost any weight yet, and I’m starting to think it’s bullcrap, and I want to cut straight to the chase/life source: COFFEE. Anyway, if you don’t want to face life today, here are some things to read on the internet instead!

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John Legend’s macaroni & cheese recipe.

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This book sounds great.

11 things every bridesmaid has been through.

CANDY KABOBS. Sometimes I wish I had kids just so I could do stuff like this.

10 women on how they define success.

This is terrific, and should be the norm and not a trend.

I am lucky enough to be performing in this show!