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This has been a great week. On Monday, Tony and I got to pitch a TV show about our life/relationship/families, and have all our fingers and toes crossed that it sells so we can work together and be together ALL THE TIME. And now that we know our new house is happening, we’ve also been in full on nesting mode, planning our new home with our good friend Amber at Spruce Design & Organization. I should probably be working on boxing up all my hoarding, but instead I’m Pinterest‘ing all the things I can’t afford! If you, too, are looking for things to do on the internet instead of work, here are a few pieces of interest to peruse:

Millenial meltdown: The struggle is real.

Frozen rose?!?!?! I’ll take six, please.

The 1950’s jukebox version of “My Heart Will Go On.” THIS MAKES MY HEART SING WITH JOY.

Be the hot dog in a world of princesses.

THIS DRESS. (Don’t worry Tony, I didn’t buy it.) (Yet.)

My friend Jessie’s storytelling show, Sunday Night Sex Talks (which I’ve been lucky enough to get to perform in) was featured on “The Bachelorette” this week!

You can now have your portrait drawn in the style of “Sweet Valley High” covers.

24 things women over 30 should wear.

And most importantly… I’m sourcing some click crack from YOU! Do you have any home renovation/inspo sites you love that I can troll??

  • Kim DeJesus

    So much to celebrate!!!!! Also I think I tried that dress on at princepesa and if so it’s so pretty!! But almost has to be a swim suit cover up bc it like doesn’t close in real life close together so it’s low cut but also really wide cut, if that makes sense. But in case im wrong you should still order it!!!

    • Annie

      Haha you are the best!!! I might go to Reformation and try it on first, just in case. Thank you love you!!!!!

  • Raha

    Amber Interiors is seriously the queen of bohemian homes and my dream designer. Check out her blog. If you like her style, Sarah Sherman Samual, Orlando Soria and Emily Henderson are great resources with similar style. Enjoy the rabbit hole that is home decorating and congrats on your new home!!

    • Annie

      Omg!!! THANK YOU!!!! I cannot WAIT to crawl down that rabbit hole. I so appreciate it!!

      • Raha

        Side note…Im good friends with Julias older sister Nikola and we always discuss how much we love your blog!! Thanks for all your book reco’s. You single handedly have kept our two person book club alive!

        • Annie

          Omg you have no idea how much joy this brings me!!!! I’ve basically wanted to be Nikola since I was a kid, so this is pretty much the coolest ever. You guys are so sweet to read, thank you!!!


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