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gratitude list: TONY TAKEOVER edition

{Me and my boo from last week up in Tahoe enjoying dinner at the West Shore Café, where we had our rehearsal dinner.}

This week’s gratitude list, Tony’s TONY TAKEOVER WEEK edition! Tony’s final post from this wild week:

Right now I am super grateful to be done with the day. It has been a crazy week of nonstop work at the new house, which I am also overwhelmingly grateful for. Annie and I are so excited about the new place and can’t wait for you all to see it. It has been a heckuva week filled with hours of driving and lots of no sleeping… But here are some fun things that made me happy this week:

gratitude list: TONY TAKEOVER edition

This Starbucks traveler which has gotten me through the last three days. Also, my very dirty hands which were used to chainsaw things all day.

gratitude list: TONY TAKEOVER edition

The one room we’ve made our “office” for the past three days and our nuggets.

gratitude list: TONY TAKEOVER edition

This amazing raft that I believe is a peacock by Funboy.

gratitude list: TONY TAKEOVER edition

The amazing bear I got a little too close to when we were hiking up in Tahoe.

Thanks so much for hanging in there with me this week and see you in the near future!

Okay, Annie here again: As you can tell from the above, things are getting REAL in the Cavalero household bouncing between our old place and our new one, and Tony goes back to work next week. I’m going to have to housewife it up and focus on the move for the foreseeable future, so I will try to post every weekday per the usual, but thanks for understanding if I miss a few days along the way. I LOVE hearing from all of you and am super grateful today and always for you tuning in and supporting me! Have the best weekend!

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