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{Ignoring life by taking selfies + sitting in the pool}

All of the intense & V important political opinions on Facebook are stressing me the F out. Here is some (mostly) mindless crap to peruse instead. HAPPY HUMP DAY!

What people were wearing the year you were born.


The pro guide to drugstore hair product buys.

The Gilmore Girls are BAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!

Some really great (and needed) advice//encouragement from Chelsea Handler.

Camping with cats. (I should prob get a cat now. Even though I hate camping.)

Throw yourself (or your bestie) a pity party.

Aaron Sorkin teaches screenwriting! (My friend Jeanie was in the class for this online class, and she is brilliant.)

Meet Michelle Obama’s speechwriter.

5 amazing trips you could take this fall if you save $10/day.

Very excited for my friend’s band Cranky George’s upcoming album (pre-sale is happening NOW!)

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